About Us

Delivering Rugs of Style is what we do here at sohorugs.com.au

Our philosophy is simple

We Create Fabulous Spaces From the Ground Up

with a Soho Rug your room will never feel the same.

Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you were in the lolly shop excited to buy your favourite lollies?  From the time you receive your new floor rug and roll it out into your home or office – you’ll feel like that excited kid again!

There is no better way to transform the appearance of any room or space with the effective placement of a carefully selected rug. With the enormous growth of online shopping, we made the decision to launch sohorugs.com.au.

Soho Rugs is a Specialist Online Rug Shop. We provide design ideas and advice on our selective range from in store to your door. We provide these rugs from our love for interior design, architecture and the importance of comfortable living from the floor up.

With a long background in Interior Architectural Photography and working alongside some of the country’s top Interior Designers and Decorators we know what it takes to make your home or office feel comfortable, inviting and aesthetically pleasing. Soho Rugs was created for this purpose and to provide our customers with the highest quality rugs, along with on trend and up to date advice.

We pride ourselves in delivering quality at affordable prices with that old fashioned personalised service to every customer.

Our general range of rugs is displayed on our website and updated frequently, on the rare occasion you cannot find what you’re looking for, please drop us an email to info@sohorugs.com.au or send us a picture of the rug you are looking for, and we will do our best to source a rug for you.